Zagorje story – discover picturesque nature

Life is a journey, and one who travels lives literally two lives. The happy ones on this journey will at least once walk through the green hills of Zagorje, which offer peace on every step, intimate contact with nature and open palms of hospitable and welcoming hosts.

Zagorje – the green door of Croatia, is a region for human vacation. It is an oasis of preserved nature, clean air, greenery and health-rich healing thermal waters. In the real archipelago of picturesque hills lies the whole range of thermae, castles and curias, Roman roads, agrotourisms, museums, churches, walking, riding and cycling paths.

Special magic is produced by Zagorje labyrinth of wine-roads. Unforgettable, because it spreads on top of the hills, with a breath taking view. Inspiring, because it is composed of sunny green vineyards, wooden huts, calloused hands and welcoming smiles. Pleasant, because the wind carries the sounds of domestic songs through the hills. In such labyrinth no one is lost.

Explore Horvat stairs

Horvat’s stairs are located in Toplice part of Medvednica, and you can reach them on foot from the place Pila in Stubičke Toplice, in about an hour. Vladimir Horvat was a big fan of Medvednica and in the period from 1946 – 1953 he has built by his own hand 500 stone steps, in the part of Medvednica that was by then inaccessible. This area is particularly interesting because of the diversity of karst formations in limestone terrain. Except caves and holes here are also underground waters, rocks, sink holes and scarps, which help the visitor to imagine diversity and interesting karst nature. Height difference is 103 m, the length of the stairs is 300 m, and the tour takes about 15 minutes. 

Cover photo: Branka Mašić

Source: www.visitzagorje.en