If you want additional knowledge on natural, cultural and historic attractions of this town, theme pathways are an ideal choice for you. Look for them and enjoy.

Educational path Hrastovčanka

4 hours long, and connecting 10 most interesting areas of Hrastovačka gora, passing the villages of Hrastovica – Sv. Duh – Gornja Hrastovica – top of Hrastovačka gora – lake Pecko – Gornja Bačuga – Zelena dolina – Hrvatski Čuntić – Prnjavor Čuntićki. This path uses the existing hiking trails, adding yellow sign H to their own markings.

  • Croatian Hiking and Mountaineering Association Zrinmob: 091 799 05 03 (Saša Juić)

    098 942 01 60 (Ivica Šustić)

Chestnut path

Thanks to the abundance of local chestnut forests, this theme pathway starts in Zelena dolina near the village of Hrvatski Čuntić, and is enriched with various resting- points with benches and tables, guide posts, gazebos and wonderful views.

Paths of Governor Jelačić

Through Turopolje and Banovina region, following the paths of Governor Jelačić – this theme pathway leads through the sites abundant with cultural and historical monuments as well as the testimony of Croatian Governor Josip Jelačić’s life, dating from 19th century.It passes through Lekenik, Petrinja, Župić, Gora, Glina and Topusko, and links the existing tourist subjects and objects into the wholesome tourist story founded on Governor Josip Jelačić’s life and residence in this area. The whole theme trail is marked with interpretation boards and posts.

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