Spend one day in Varaždin

What makes Varaždin special is its unique monumental and historic heritage preserved in the intact and opulent Baroque architecture of the historic City core. Its unique urban identity shows not only the opulent Baroque architecture of the historic core but also the warmth of its squares and romantic streets. The historical City core stages numerous events throughout the year. You can’t see, feel and experience all that Varaždin has to offer in a day, but love at first sight is guaranteed.

Enjoy the artistic and architectural messages of the past

The preserved baroque historic City core is rich in monuments and art heritage and a walk down the City’s streets reveals numerous palaces, villas and the oldest city hall in Europe. Familiarise yourself with the guild signs (‘cimeri’) that once marked the specific trade of individual shops or tradesmen and speak of their legends

Varaždin was built over the centuries and different stylistic influences, varying fashions of certain historical periods and wishes of the investors created an interesting and somewhat unusual harmony of flora and fauna, mythical animals and unusual characters built into the facades of the houses and palaces in the historic City core. Also note on your walk through Varaždin the fantastic bestiary of Varaždin: try to penetrate into its hidden meaning or just enjoy the imagination of the builder. If you are a lover of sacral art and architecture, Varaždin reveals to you the richness of its eleven churches, three monasteries and its cathedral. A good guide to this is the ‘The Path of Angels’ Brochure.

Varaždin’s churches are actually the best places to start what is, in many ways, a unique tour of the City. The Tour shows off Varaždin’s Baroque splendour and the Baroque angels are messengers of this splendour.

In addition to the churches, this Central European seductive, playful and historical period will reveal itself to you whilst walking around the historical City core admiring its facades and streets. The charm of a City that has nurtured a pleasant, smart, profound yet cheerful and fun ambience will certainly not leave you indifferent.

The Strossmayer Promenade (the Old Town complex), the Vatroslav Jagić Promenade, the Pope John Paul II Park, the Youth Park and the inevitable Varaždin Cemetery shall be your green intermezzo whilst walking around town.

On this tour take a break and enjoy Varaždin’s culinary delights on one of its squares, try ‘Varaždin Klipič’, the Countess Maria Cake (from the ‘Grofica Marica’ Coffee Shop) or any other of Varaždin’s desserts whilst the restaurants with many local dishes invite you to treat yourself to a real Varaždin feast.

Varaždin’s everyday life is best experienced on the City market, known as ‘Varaždinski plac’ or you can peek at the intimacy of Varaždin’s backyards and listen briefly to their stories. If your day in Varaždin is a Saturday, be in front of the City Hall at ‘Korzo’ (the main square) at 11 AM when you can see the Ceremonial Exchange of the City Guardknown as ‘the Purgars’.

On March 23, 2017, the historic unit of the City of Varaždin – Varaždin Citizens’ Guard received a decision of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia on the Protection of Cultural Property. With the obtained solution Varaždin Citizens’ Guard, the popular “Purgari” entered the list of the protection of immaterial cultural assets of the Republic of Croatia as the first military unit to which it succeeded. Varaždin Civic Guard is also the first cultural heritage with protection from the city of Varaždin.

Source and photos: www.tourism-varazdin.hr