Exploring the surroundings of Varaždin

The City of Varaždin is the historic, cultural, educational, economical, sporting and touristic Centre of the County of Varaždin, which is the oldest in Croatia and is located at a crossroads of four historic regions of Styria, Zagorje, Međimurje and Podravina.


Its location has meant that it is an ideal place from which to explore the surrounding one hundred kilometre radius of unspoilt nature, natural springs, a dozen castles, museums, collections, churches and religious heritage as well as valuable archaeological sites, vineyards, hunting lodges, traditional crafts… Varaždin and its surroundings are a stage for international festivals, numerous events and numerous legends and stories but, above all, hospitable hosts.

Visit the majority of most attractive parts of continental Croatia by car, bike or on foot. Every day enjoy in a new adventure. If you take any direction out of Varaždin, get ready for a stunning diversity of various atmospheres and experiences.

Web and photos source: www.turizam-vzz.hr