Bol on the island of Brač secures Covid Antigen Rapid Tests for its guests

New tourist programs in the open following epidemiologic measures

To secure a pleasant and safe stay in Bol, the Bol Tourist Board, in cooperation with the general practitioner, Markica Tomić, M.D., provides covid antigen rapid tests starting from April 13, 2021. Thanks to this option, the guests will have an opportunity to quickly determine whether their respiratory and other symptoms are covid-related or related to another respiratory infection. Bol is the first island town in Splitsko dalmatinska County that has secured the provision of antigen testing. It is just another illustration of responsible and thoroughly planned strategies of BOL for the upcoming season. During April, the vast majority of the tourism workforces will undergo immunization. By the end of May, we expect that 50% of the local population will have also received COVID vaccines.

Photo: Tourist Board Bol

The Brač Airport has announced flights from Ljubljana, Dusseldorf, Zagreb, Wien, and Linz in accordance following epidemiologic measures and situation, and air traffic is expected to commence in the second half of May. The director of the Airport, Mr. Tonči Peović, points out that they will organize the covid antigen testing to respond to tour operators and airlines’ demands.

The first Bol hotels will open their doors by the end of April. They will provide masks for their guests and will implement necessary and mandatory epidemiologic measures and protocols.

The 500-meter long Zlatni rat beach is a rare beach that can accommodate approximately 2500 guests, following all epidemiological measures – regular disinfection of sunbeds, availability of disinfectants for guests, and a 2-meter distance between beds.

photo: Tourist Board Bol

As more and more people are interested in outdoor activities, the Bol Tourist Board has designed walking/hiking and cycling trails that follow local legends. The peak of route 100 hides the Macić dwarf, whose treasure is in an underground cavern. Simultaneously, while walking on route 101, you will get a chance to find out about the lifestyle of the 16 ct – Glagolitic monks in the monastery carved in the rocks in the Blaca desert. Route 102 is for dragon lovers. They can walk all the way to Zmajeva špilja, where they will have an opportunity to see rock reliefs that tell stories about fairies, werewolves, and witches of Slavic mythology. Moreover, the view from 307 meters is breathtaking.

Serious cyclists can take the 45-kilometer long route 768, along the island of Brač, all the way to the highest Brač peak – Vidova gora that offers a beautiful view of neighboring islands. It used to be a gathering place of gentle fairies that would turn into witches during rough weather. Another favorite cycling trail leads through irresistible rosemary, sage, and lavender fields to Zlatni rat, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, hiding the Lucky stone – the fountain of eternal happiness and wellbeing. See more information about trails on the map available at the Bol Tourist Board office.

Cover photo: Julien Duval