Arman Marijan Wines: Art in the vineyard, cellar and glass!

Istra elopement

True wine lovers will agree that winemaking is similar to art. The skill of a winemaker is like that of an artist – they both have to balance different elements and discover how each of them awakens our sensitivity.

That the above is true, you can see for yourself in Arman Marijan’s family vineyards and wine cellar, in the village of Narduči near Poreč.

There you’ll find Arman Marijan’s family who traditionally makes the best Istrian wines on the southern slopes of the River Mirna valley.

Inspired by the views of Grožnjan and the green Mirna valley, you will experience the art of fresh Malvasia in one of the most beautiful locations in Istria.

As you absorb the tranquillity of old or newly planted vineyards and olive groves, you will learn that the triumphant Arman Marijan’s Malvasia Grand Cru was made from the grapes grown in his great-grandfather’s hundred-year-old Malvasia vineyard.

In the gorgeously decorated winery, more than 130 years old Baumbach piano will catch your eye, on which even the legendary Croatian musician Boško Petrović would play a chord or two before starting his usual wine meditations.

Boosted by the creative spirit of Arman Marijan’s family, you will surrender to the enchanting notes of their Malvasia, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc or Teran.

Enjoy an authentic interpretation of wine in the company of its authors.

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